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The Yerevan brewery factory was founded in 1952. In 1997 it was converted into a joint-stock company. During 60 years of its existence, mainly due to restructuring and modernization of production, the company has won a stable niche among the leading enterprises of Armenia, and the famous brand "Kilikia" has become a high quality standard.


Currently the company produces 12 types of beer, 10 types of natural juices and nectars, 13 types of soft drinks and “Louzinian” mineral water. Due to the high quality products, modern management and mobile product marketing, "Beer of Yerevan" CJSC has constantly high demand and occupies one of the leading positions within the local consumer market.


Since 1999 the production of the company has been exporting its products to Australia, Canada, China, France, Georgia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, USA and other countries. 


"Kilikia" beer has repeatedly justified its high image in prestigious international exhibitions, having won 30 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals, 3 "Grand Prix" and numerous awards.


Twice in its history, in 1998 and in 2003, the company was awarded with the "Quality prize" of the Government of the RA. For the compliance of the production with European standards the international BID organization awarded "Yerevan Brewery" with "Gold Star" (Geneva, Switzerland) in 1999   and "Top Quality" (Frankfurt, Germany) prizes in 2001.


In 2012, during the “Best Trademark of the Year” national contest the company was announced the winner and it was  awarded special prizes in the nominations of “Best Beer of the Year” (“Kilikia” beer), “Revelation of the Year” (“Yerevan” beer), “Best and Ecologically Clean Juices for both Children and Adults” (“Areva” natural juices and nectars).


The quality control  over all the stages of the production is implemented according to ISO 22000 standard and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).







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ArevA Group Pte. Ltd

65 Ubi Crescent, #06-07, Hola Center

Singapore 408559

Tel.: +65 6841 6366


ООО “УК Базис групп”

109428, РФ, г.Москва, просп. Рязанский, д. 8А, стр. 1

Тел: +495 410 91 05



O.P.A Distribution

M.I.N 705 Les Arnavaux

13323 Marseille Cedex 14 / France

Tel.: +334 91 21 40 20

Importers Direct Wholesale Company, Inc.

Importers Direct Wholesale Company, Inc.

3005 Gilroy St,  Los Angeles, CA 90039, USA

Tel: +323-669-0495



Mane Union Trading Sp. z o.o.

05-830, Nadarzyn, Poland, ul.Warszawska 11

Tel.: +4822 739 70 07



105094, РФ, г.Москва, Семеновская набережная, д. 2/1, стр. 1, пом. VII, офис 1

Тел: +495 669 10 48


ООО «Фуд-лайф»

г. Тбилиси, Грузия, Руставское шоссе 22

Тел: +99 590 55 33 54

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The Best Brand of the year, 2012
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Address: 8 Tsovakal Isakovi Ave.,
              Yerevan, 0082, Armenia

Phone:    +374 10 54 21 41

Fax:        +374 10 58 36 54


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